Beautiful Easter Rainbow Eggs

Beautiful Easter Rainbow Eggs

This is a fast, easy way to quickly decorate any Easter eggs. They will look cute, take only a second to make, and have fun, vibrant colors.

Beautiful Easter Rainbow Eggs Recipe

 Ingredients :

  1. food coloring
  2. carrot
  3. seaweed or sesame seeds
  4. Eggs



1. Boil your eggs for 10 minutes, then let them sit in cold water for 15020 minutes when they are done

2. Gently peel them

3. Add 1 drop of food coloring on top of each egg, then brush it until it covers the entire surface

4. Do this for all colors
5. Let them rest in the bowl for 30 minutes so ther food coloring can dry
6. You can put them on a paper towel to soak up any remaining water
7. Cut each egg in half

8. Easter crainbow eggs
9. Use dried seaweed or sesame seeds and carrots for details on the little chick

10. You can use scissors to carefully cut the pieces out
11. Carefully stick them on

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