Fresh Strawberry Cake Recipe

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Cake is an art. Yes !! A work of art. art in form, taste, and sometimes there is a declaration in the cake made. Fresh Strawberry Cake | On this occasion Rapi Cake Gallery raised the fresh strawberry cake recipe that was made by Herlin Wulan.

Fresh Strawberry Cake fresh strawberry cake cooking classy



2 eggs
130 gr of flour
120 ml of milk
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
30 gr butter
120 grams of sugar
1/8 spoon
tea salt


360 ml liquid whipping cream (Rich gold)
300 gr strawberry (cut 3 thin parts)
to taste whole strawberry


1. pray before starting.
2. Prepare all Ingredient.
3. Preheat the oven to 160 ° C, top with 2 round 16 cm pan with butter, cover with baking paper, sprinkle the flour on the wall.
4. Mix eggs + sugar at high speed for 4 min – 5 min. Don’t skip this step … we don’t use the emulsifier, so the timing must be right.
5. Sift directly the flour + baking powder + salt on the egg, stir it back with the spatula, as long as it’s flat.
6. While on the new pan, heat the milk and butter on the stove over medium heat, until the butter melts. Add vanilla. Pour immediately into the mixture, stirring again with the spatula until smooth. Be careful not to overmix so that the air that has been formed no longer exists.
7. Pour into a baking sheet as much. Oven until cooked, 30 minutes, if you smell the fragrance, the cake is nearing maturity. Stab test, lift it, leave it on a baking sheet above the 10 min cooling rack, just remove the pan and cool it perfectly.
8. Frosting: Beat whipping cream until soft peak. Set it aside.
9. The final step, Take the first cake, top up the frosting, sprinkle the cut strawberry (it’s okay if the inner strawberry is cut smaller so that when the cake is cut the result is beautiful) then cover with a second cake, top it all with whipped cream then arrange and decorate with strawberry pieces. Add sprinkle if there is one.
10. Save the cake in the refrigerator, the cake will definitely solidify when released because it is made from butter instead of oil. Good luck.

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